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Welcome to Super Work at Home!

This new blog will be dedicated to legitimate work at home jobs and opportunities. No bullshit allowed, at least not promoted… We will point out some MLM type scams that should be avoided at all cost. But mostly this site is all about you. How you can learn how to make a decent living from home without losing your shirt.

I don’t like to give away my own sites and niches but I will for the sake of credibility show you one of me new sites that is making me serious income from home: buythatgold.com

I am ranked on page one for the exact company I am promoting: “Regal Assets” and for several of my target money making search terms like “where to buy gold online”, etc. I routinely get clients who invest anywhere from $1000, up to $50,000 and more worth of Gold IRA’s. It was not difficult and it did not cost me much to promote. I will show you step by step how I did it down the road. First, however, I want to start you off on easier niches and products to conquer. Gold is a VERY competitive market!

I will warn you however, you must be willing to invest some capital in affiliate tools such as Spin Rewriter (for fast unique content) and magic Submitter (for fast backlinks using the results from Spin Rewriter). Oh yeah, I will show you how to use Spin Rewriter correctly, to get 98% unique content instead fo the usual 50 to 70% which is inadequate nowadays. Do it my way and you will win at any work at home program. Lets face it, the ONLY work at home jobs that pay off are the ones where you take action to produce online traffic. Once you master that, you can make money at practically ANY affiliate program, MLM opp, direct sales, program, Amazon, Clickbank, CPA offer, eCommerce site (I will have a whole section devoted to eCommerce!) or even your own WSO or product.

That being said I will give you tons of free affiliate marketing training tips that you can start using now for any online marketing endeavor. For example, I will show you where to get 100% free edu backlinks that Google practically salivates over to get your sites ranked fast.

I will show you how to make videos using free software that takes 5 minutes at best yet will serve as more backlinks to your sites. In case you didn’t realize it, obtaining quality backlinks will get you traffic, no matter what Penguin, Panda, or other furry little creature Google may conjure in the future.

Backlinks have been and will continue to be king for ranking websites. IF the process is done correctly. I will tell you something right now. If you get just TEN backlinks, using the keyword research strategies I will teach you, then “backlink the backlinks” (you will know soon), you will make page one 90% of the time. That, my friend, translate to cold hard cash.

I will not only show you the correct (meaning it works very well for me) way for getting backlinks, but I will show you the shortcut that make an otherwise tedious process very easy to complete.

Besides the tools, I will even show you my exact outsources that work for me to help rank my more competitive websites, like gold investing for instance. This knowledge alone is worth a small fortune.

I teach slightly differently than what you may be used to. How I am going to do this is do live group demonstrations where WE will make money.

The first such money getting project will involve Amazon. So if you want to participate and make a respectable income form home at the same time then by all means make sure you join the Amazon affiliate program. Just do a search and you will find…

I will show you what software I use to find profitable products to promote. Hint: I never promote anything less than $500! And I will show you how to start making money from home while learning how to promote anything you want. Once you have this knowledge, not only will you have extra coin in your pocket, you will know how to make money at WILL. You don’t learn until you take action so get ready…

Btw, this will not be free training for long. Once I get some testimonials I will sell this course for no less than $1000 so take advantage while you can. By signing up as a charter member of Super Work At Home you will never have to pay a singe cent, but you will reap the rewards for life. [Contact form coming soon, check back]